We are all reading stories in the press about consumers  receiving large and unexpected costs, after they have placed orders, for delivery of items sourced within the EU.

Most of our log cabins and larger buildings are sourced within the EU.  Please be absolutely assured that there will be NO added costs applied after you have checked out in relation to BREXIT.  We have now imported a significant number of trucks from various eastern European factories.  We are familiar with the new customs rules and costs.  Whilst additional costs are never welcome, they are accommodated within the prices shown on our web site and there will most certainly be no additional charges applied to customer purchases. 

 Covid-19 Update:
With the recent announcement of a third UK Lockdown from January 2021 onwards we wish to inform our customers that we do not expect any change in service. As the manufacturing industries are able to continue to work throughout this lockdown we do not foresee any issue with supply. Our delivery partners are also working as normal so any delivery you may have booked in with us should be going ahead as planned.

As with any responsible business and individual our first priority is safety.  Safety to us means the health, safety and well-being of staff, customers and the population at large.  We will adhere strictly to Government Guidelines and will take any action that we are required to do by law and further actions that we percieve to be responsible or within a duty of care to protect all parties.

Our staff and suppliers are working tirelessly to keep business running as normal for all our customers

ALL ORDERS WILL BE DELIVERED.  It is not a question of If, it is simply a question of When.

Many delivery companies are now running a non-contact delivery service where they will ask you to kindly remain in the house whilst your delivery is carried out, this is to protect both you and the delivery staff and to comply with the social distancing advice put forward by the government

We will keep the website updated and all staff briefed daily as the situation evolves.

Please keep watch over your emails and spam folder for further information relating to existing orders however for the moment at least we are very much running as business as usual.

Please remember, the current National Emergency is Temporary.  ALL ORDERS WILL BE DELIVERED however there may be some delays on delivery.

Thank you for your Understanding

Yours sincerely

Simply Log Cabins Customer Service Team


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