Covid and The Ukraine

Ukraine and Russia: Many of our log cabins and larger buildings are produced in Eastern Europe.  Historically much of the timber that is used in these factories has been sourced in Russia however owing to the Ukraine crisis our factories have chosen to try to source timber from alternative suppliers.  This is creating a pressure in the raw material market and is likely to result in price increases and longer leadtimes on deliveries as the summer progresses.  If you are thinking of a cabin or summer house, now is a great time to commit.  Even if you want to delay delivery we can accommodate your requirements.  Please call us to chat through any requirements: 01636 858 290

Driver Shortage: The well documented driver shortage is affecting us and our deliveries.  There are instances where we are scheduling deliveries with courier companies only to find that on the day, the courier company doesn't have a delivery driver to action the delivery.  Fuel price increases are a further upward pressure on our prices.

Covid 19 with its tragic consequences is finally beginning to feel like old news here in the UK however this dreadful illness is still having an effect in Eastern Europe where, perhaps, the vaccine policy is not as far ahead as ours in the UK.  The result of this is that there are occasions when the factories are not running at 100% production, which clearly impacts on leadtimes for deliveries. Our stated early season estimated leadtimes on delivery of log Cabins and larger summer houses are based on our experience of what the leadtimes were at that point and factory predictions of where leadtime were likely to become.

Finally.......THE GOOD NEWS! All of our deliveries are being made.  Your product will be delivered if you haven't already received it.  If you are one of the unlucky ones and your delivery is delayed, please accept our sincere apologies and be very sure that we are working VERY HARD to try to prevent delivery delays and where we cannot prevent them we are trying to reduce delays.

If you are interested in a Cabin or Summer House that staes "Delivery within 7 Days", we have that building in our Northampton warehouse and it would be available to you within 7 days. If a 7 day schedule is too soon for you then please still buy the building so that you have your name on it.  We can hold the delivery until you are ready for it.  All you need to do is to let us know. This applies to the Palmako, Norland, Lasita and Eurovudas ranges.


General Delivery Information

Please be assured that we are working very hard every day to minimise any delay to deliveries.  We are a large importer of garden timber product and can really pressure our suppliers to give us and therefore our customers priority but that is still not preventing delays.
When our Customer Services team are giving delivery schedules, that information is always based on information that we receive from the relevant factory.  Sadly, owing to the unforseeable nature of the points above, that information is not always proving to be accurate.

On a brighter note: Where a building has been sold and a deposit taken, when we then contact you to take the second payment, it is HIGHLY unlikely that there would be any delays after that point.
We would like to assure all customers that we are a highly professional organisation who has been involved in the garden timber industry for almost 20 years.  We have never encountered a situation like the one that we currently face and we will work very hard to mitigate any effects felt by our customers.

We very sincerely apologise for any frustrations that any delay may cause.

Yours sincerely

Simply Log Cabins Customer Service Team

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