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Delivery infomation

General Delivery Information

When you order a log cabin, summer house or garden building from us there can be a range of different delivery methods we take depending on the product.


We source all our log cabins from the European factories and have them transported to your UK warehouses, from there we organise our transport company to delivery your cabins to your delivery addresses. Each season we offer cabins with '7 days delivery' which states that the cabin labelled with this delivery time is currently stores in our UK warehouse, once a cabin is in our UK warehouse we can deliver the building from 7 days*.


We always keep you updated on your cabins journey and you will be notified via email when your log cabin has arrived in our UK warehouses.


A step-by-step guide on our deliveries


  • All our log cabins come directly from the manufacturers factories in Europe, they are made from High-Quality North European Spruce Timber. 
  • Once your cabin has been manufactured you will be made aware via email that it is on it's way to the UK.
  • When your cabin is delivered into your UK Warehouse you will be notified again via email of it's arrival. 
  • Once your cabin is in our UK warehouse we can then organise the delivery to your delivery stated address.


We understand that a log cabin is a purchase of a lifetime and that's why we value the importance of communication, we value all our customers and understand that keeping you updated throughout the journey gives you peace of mind.


Simply Log Cabins Customer Service Team

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