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Gudrum Richard 2 Carport 6m x 7.6m

1. select Including Storage Shed?
£2,616.00 RRP: £3,699.00 | You Save: £1,083.00 (29%)
£3,456.00 RRP: £3,899.00 | You Save: £443.00 (11%)
2. select Optional Roofing Shed Felt / EPDM Roof Covering?
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2. Select Optional Roofing Shed Felt / EPDM Roof Covering?

Rolls Shed Felt
Rolls Shed Felt Option: 10 x Rolls Shed Felt
  • Bitumen Shed Felt For Roofing Gudrum Garden Buildings
  • Shed Felt
  • Delivered in Rolls
  • Easy to Fit Water Proof Roofing Material
  • Long Lasting
  • Can be used as Under-lay for Roof Shingles if required (Roof Shingles would usually be fitted straight onto roof boards)
  • Shed Felt is a quick and Easy to Fit, fairly Durable Roofing material that is commonly seen on Garden Sheds and Smaller Log Cabin Style Buildings. The quantity supplied with your Log Cabin / Summer House will be enough to cover the roof whilst also allowing for the necessary overlaps that are required.
  • In General Shed Felt would only be used on an Octagonal, Hexagonal or Pyramid Roof as an under-lay for your own roofing material.  For Example if Cedar Shingles are to be fitted.

 Note: Only available for Purchase WITH a Building


  • Only Available to Buy WITH a Cabin / Summerhouse
  • Not Supplied with nails to Fit.  For Std Fitting 13mm Clout Nails or if it is to be fitted on Gudrum Insulation them
  • 60mm / 70mm (depending on roof board thickness) Clout Nails will be required - NOT SUPPLIED.
  • Adhesive should be used when fitting to a flat roof or roof with a shallow slope - adhesive not supplied
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2. Select Optional Roofing Shed Felt / EPDM Roof Covering?

EPDM Roofing for Flat Roof Cabins and Carports
EPDM Roofing for Flat Roof Cabins and Carports Option: EPDM 7620x7900mm

EPDM Roofing Foil

  • How Do I Fit the EPDM Roofing Option? (Click Here)
  • Industry recognized as the best roofing material for flat roof buildings
  • Used Very Widely in Domestic Applications
  • Rubberized Foil Roofing
  • Creates single Sheet Finish for better Weather-Proofing
  • Long Term Roof Finish
  • Supplied with Required Adhesive and where required - Roof Edging Strips
  • Uses Environmentally Friendly Water Based Adhesive


Gudrum are pleased to offer EPDM roof finish for flat roof Log Cabins, Garages, Carports and other buildings.  The kit supplied includes all parts required to fit the roofing material.


£1,530.45 RRP: £1,799.00 | You Save: £268.55 (15%)
3. select Optional Adjustable Galvanised Feet?
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3. Select Optional Adjustable Galvanised Feet?

Adjustable Galvanised Post Feet
Adjustable Galvanised Post Feet Option: 10 x Adjustable Feet

Adjustable Galvanised Steel Post Feet:

  • We now offer Adjustable Post Feet for our Gudrum & Bertsch Carport Ranges and Open Gazebo's etc. The point of the feet is to give a secure yet adjustable ground anchorage for the buildings whilst at the same time keeping the wooden parts of the building clear of the ground with its moisture, mud etc. which could potentially significantly shorten the life expectancy of the building.
  • The Adjustable Post Feet have a wide and very solid base section which is bolted to the ground (bolts not supplied)
  • They have a minimum height of approx. 120mm (floor to end of wooden post) when completely screwed to their shortest setting, with a maximum height (floor to end of wooden post) of approx. 240mm.
  • Adjustment is by screwing the Adjustable Shank in and out. When the required height is achieved the adjuster is locked in position with the locking nut as above
  • The section of the adjustable feet that can be screwed to the wooden leg of the building is adjustable itself so that it can be bolted either to two opposite sides are to two adjacent sides as above.
  • Simply Log Cabins View:
  • Supplied without Bolts, Fasteners etc

We feel that the adjustable feet represent excellent value for money and very much simplify the process of building a carport or gazebo on uneven surfaces. Even on a perfectly flat and level surface the Adjustable Feet are worthwhile simply to preserve the ends of the post legs by keeping them away from being straight onto the ground.

£210.00 RRP: £297.00 | You Save: £87.00 (29%)
4. select Optional Arched Posts x 2?
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4. Select Optional Arched Posts x 2?

Arched Carport Posts x 2
Arched Carport Posts x 2

Gudrum Carports Arched Posts:

  • Create easy Access to you Carport
  • Glu-Lam Construction for Sturdy and VERY durable Service
  • Easy Fit Option / Simply Replace tw of the Up-right Posts
  • NOTE: Only Available when purchased with a Carport

Gudrum Arched Carport posts are available in Pairs. They are an ideal replacement for the front posts of your carport especially if driving into the carport from an angle or if the ground slopes away from the front of the carport. The arched carport posts require the adjustable feet when that option is chosen therefore the number of Adjustable Feet required does not vary whether or not the arched posts are chosen.

£204.00 RRP: £256.00 | You Save: £52.00 (20%)
5. select Optional Rainwater Guttering Kit?
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5. Select Optional Rainwater Guttering Kit?

Gudrum Rainwater Guttering Kit
Gudrum Rainwater Guttering Kit Version / Type?: 6m Set FLAT Roof QVVRlame6

Gudrum Log Cabins Rainwater Guttering Kit

  • Superbly Resilient and light weight Rainwater kit
  • Easy to Fit
  • Direct Water into Drains, Soak-away or into a Water Butt
  • Ideal Accessory for your Gudrum Log Cabin
  • Only Available When ordering a Gudrum Cabin

Gudrum Log Cabins Rainwater Guttering Kit: The Gudrum Log Cabins Rainwater Guttering Kit is an ideal accessory - whether you want to direct the rainwater into a soak-away area, into a drain or into a Water Recycling System such as a Rain Water Storage Butt.  It is an easy-to-fit option for Gudrum Log Cabins - simply slightly overhang your roofing materials to feed into the guttering for an easy and tidy way of managing the rain water.

Rainwater Kits are not an essential part of most log cabins but do offer the opportunity to manage and direct the rainwater so that you can re -use it in the garden.  As a simple and in-expensive option for your Gudrum Log Cabin they are certainly worth considering.


£168.00 RRP: £490.00 | You Save: £322.00 (66%)
£2,616.00 (FREE UK Delivery *)
Deposit: £100.00
RRP: £3,699.00 | You Save: £1083
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Gudrum Richard 2 Carport

Gudrum Richard 2 Carports: The Gudrum Richard 2 Carport features Glu-Lam posts of 120mm x 120mm and 19mm Roof Boards. These are a superb quality post and form an extremely solid support for this carport. The Gudrum Richard 2 Carport is great value and combines storage for equipment such as lawn-mowers etc. with the Carport itself. It is perfect for areas of space limitations and is ideal if a garage is not required. Great Value from Simply Log Cabins!

Gudrum Richard 2 Carport Footprint: 6.0m x 7.6m Post and Beam Construction: Posts 120mm Square: Glu-Lam Construction for Supreme Quality

  • Height: 2.4m
  • Delivered Package Includes all Parts and Fixings Required to Build the Cabin. Easy Assembly Log Construction.
  • Doors and Windows made with superb quality laminated wood with weather strips (Glazing Bars are a Kit and Can be Fitted to achieve Georgian Style Glazing or omitted to have large open panes of glass), cylindrical lock and handles, and adjustable door hinges.
  • Optional:
  • EPDM Roofing
  • Shed Felt
  • 2 x Arched Posts for Easy access
  • Galvanised Steel Adjustable Post Feet


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