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Log Cabin Buying Guide

Step 1. Pick your size and shape

How much space do you have available and what size will maximize your gardens potential?


When thinking about your log cabin shape, you need to take into account your gardens shape and what space is available. If you are limited for space a corner log cabin can be a great option, where as if you have more space available a rectangle shape will maximize your potential.

Improve your garden space, not lose it!

When choosing your cabin size, you want to take into account what space you have available to match a building that will suit.

Popular log cabin sizes

3m x 3m | 4m x 3m | 5m x 4m | 3m x 6m | 6m x 4m | 3m x 5m

If you require a more bespoke, size get in touch today we would love to create the right cabin just for you!

Step 2. Wall board construction

Different wall type boards will determine how the walls are constructed. All our wall logs feature a tongue and groove for ease of assembly as well as other benifits





The Interlocking design increases weather-resistantance and durability


Less susceptible to movement and easy assembly


Flat sleek profile


Increased insulation for your cabin


Step 3. Wall log thickness

When choosing your desired log cabin you will want to think about what thickness of wall log you will need. One common benifit to the thickness of wall log is ultimately the insulation you will receive.




Step 4. The roof shape

When choosing your desired log cabin you may want to think of the roof shape especially if it will be against a wall or in a corner of your garden.




Usually once you have selected your desired footprint size, the roof will be suited to that shape already. But sometimes you might want to look for a desired roof style to meet any requirements you might have.

Roofing material

There are 3 types of roofing material,  shingles, felt & edpm rubber. Felt is typically the standard roofind material for most garden roofs. All roofing materials offer protection against the weather but look aesthetically different.





Step 5. Windows and doors

With any log cabin its always important to consider how much natural light you retain. The more glass windows & doors your cabin will consist of will ultimately bring more light in. A lot of our cabins feature double glazing as standard making our cabins perfect.

A lot of customers ask if they require windows that open, opening windows are a benifit as it can provide ventilation that can help keep your cabin temperature at a comfortable level. If you are looking for opening windows please bear in mind the space required as a lot of windows tilt and open wide.



Bifold doors are becoming extremely popular year on year and theres no secret why. Bifold doors allow a lot of natural light to enter your cabin as well as opening out fully, perfect for warm summers when you want a all flowing entrance.

Traditional doors can be more cost effective, as well as maintaining lots of natural light passage when they include multiple panels of glass.

Sliding doors offer a space saving element, with the door sliding rather than opening, your are able to fit your cabin into tighter spaces where a regular door might not be able to open outward.




A lot of our buildings come standard with double glazing on all glass windows and doors. The benefit is self explanitary, double glazed glass provides better insulation and noise cancelling. Single glazing does still have its benefits, with it being a lot cheaper in most cases than double glazing.



Most log cabins will include a secure cylinder mortice lock and key. We see a lot of our customers kitting their cabins out with TV’s, Furniture sets, Electronics and even home bars, we understand the importance of security, we do not recommend using any sub-standard locking mechanism.


Step 6. Number of rooms

A lot of log cabins include multiple rooms, so you can dedicate space to certain activities such as a gym, guest room, or garden bar. Depending on the size of the log cabin you are after, its always good to get a sense of how large you require multiple rooms to be if applicable to your specification requirements.




Other things to consider

Log Cabin bases

Concrete bases

A concrete base is the best type of base for a log cabins, we recommend it to all our customers as it provides the most secure and sturdy base for the weight of the cabin. A concrete base can also be made to a very high accuracy for the level, this will make sitting the cabin a breeze.


Swift eco base

Eco bases are a cheap alternative base solution. Once filled with gravel and compacted correctly it will offer a sturdy solution base for your log cabin.




Paving slabs

A mixture of hardcore stone, cement & paving slabs allow you to create a sound and level base. In most cases this is a much cheaper solution than concrete.



Do i need planning permission?

Planning permission is not usually required for most log cabins & summerhouses but this is something we always get asked and for good reason. You want to make sure that your garden building goes through the proper planning permissions if you are looking at adding one to your garden.


When is planning permission required?


It is within 2 meters of your house and is over 2.5m high


The garden building is over 3 meters high with a pent roof

The garden building is over 4 meters high with an apex roof

The log cabin is not for domestic use e.g. Used as a commercial let

The log cabin will be taking up significant garden space


If you are concerned about planning permission or in doubt about the eligibility of your log cabin, we recommend you contact your local authority.

Installation and delivery

All our garden buildings, log cabins & summerhouses require assembly. We will deliver the kit to your chosen address, where you can then unpack and assemble.


Local independant assemblers

We don’t offer an assembly service ourselves, but can put you in contact with an independent assembler in your area. These assemblers are experienced with log cabins and other garden buildings assembly.



All our log cabins have different lead times depending on manufacturing times and availability. Once your garden building arrives in our warehouse we can then schedule delivery to you.