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Log Cabin Garden Offices

Log cabins are the perfect outdoor solution for a garden office. They give you the separation from the home, to help you focus without all the background noise. Log cabins have become more and more popular buildings for the role of an office, and with more people having the flexibility to work from home, the demand for an outdoor office has boomed.

So what makes a log cabin a perfect office?


Wide ranges of sizes & shapes

We supply a huge range of log cabins, all in different shapes and sizes.

If you have a larger garden and more space available, we have larger log cabins which would be a perfect way to have the much-needed office space plus some living space for when you need a break to relax. Not all log cabins consist of 1 room many have multiple internal rooms which would give you the flexibility to have 1 room as a garden office and the other as a recreational space.

If you have a smaller outdoor space we have a wide range of smaller 1 room log cabins which make for the ideal garden office. Having your own dedicated garden office including office furniture is a modern-day privilege, and something a lot of people are considering while working from home.


Insulated roofing

As seasons change and temperatures drop you need the assurance that your log cabin garden office is well insulated, to ensure that it is comfortable to work in all year round. We supply roof insulation which is available on select log cabins were suitable, which is the perfect option when keeping your cabin warm. Our insulation is very easy to hand and fit and can be installed with some basic knowledge of DIY. We recommend roof insulation where possible as it is very durable, has great insulated heat for winter, and does not overheat during the summer seasons.