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Norland Newark 1 Log Cabin

1. select Optional Shed Felt Roofing Material?
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1. Select Optional Shed Felt Roofing Material?

Rolls Shed Felt
Rolls Shed Felt Footprint / Type / Quantity: 4 x Rolls Shed Felt
  • Bitumen Shed Felt For Roofing Gudrum Garden Buildings
  • Shed Felt
  • Delivered in Rolls
  • Easy to Fit Water Proof Roofing Material
  • Long Lasting
  • Can be used as Under-lay for Roof Shingles if required (Roof Shingles would usually be fitted straight onto roof boards)
  • Shed Felt is a quick and Easy to Fit, fairly Durable Roofing material that is commonly seen on Garden Sheds and Smaller Log Cabin Style Buildings. The quantity supplied with your Log Cabin / Summer House will be enough to cover the roof whilst also allowing for the necessary overlaps that are required.
  • In General Shed Felt would only be used on an Octagonal, Hexagonal or Pyramid Roof as an under-lay for your own roofing material.  For Example if Cedar Shingles are to be fitted.

 Note: Only available for Purchase WITH a Building


  • Only Available to Buy WITH a Cabin / Summerhouse
  • Not Supplied with nails to Fit.  For Std Fitting 13mm Clout Nails or if it is to be fitted on Gudrum Insulation them
  • 60mm / 70mm (depending on roof board thickness) Clout Nails will be required - NOT SUPPLIED.
  • Adhesive should be used when fitting to a flat roof or roof with a shallow slope - adhesive not supplied
£100.50 RRP: £112.00 | You Save: £11.50 (10%)
2. select Optional Roof Insulation?
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2. Select Optional Roof Insulation?

Kingspan Roof Insulation
Kingspan Roof Insulation Footprint / Type / Quantity: 4 x Roof Insulation

 Roof Insulation

  • Kingspan Log Cabin Roof Insulation
  • To be Fitted ON TOP OF Roof Boards and Under Felt or Shingles
  • SHOULD I CHOOSE the Roof Insulation? (Click Here)
  • 50mm Thick Insulation (Please note as of early May 2017 we wil be changing over to 50mm Thick)
  • Completely Hidden from View When Completed
  • Facings: Porous Coated Glass Fibre tissue
  • Board size: 1.2 x 0.6m x 50mm Thick (8 boards per Pack)
  • Should be Fitted using 60mm Clout Nails (Not Supplied)
  • Very easy to Handle and Fit
  • Log Cabin Roof Insulation
  • Gudrum Log Cabin Roof Insulation is specifically designed to be fitted on top of the roof boards but UNDER the Felt or Roof Shingle Finish. It has a very porous, yet very rigid, surface which is designed to accommodate the bitumen adhesive that is within the body of the roof shingles / shed felt and that is slowly released over time owing to the action of the sunlight and warmth. The insulation is completely hidden when assembly is completed.
  • When fitting simply tack the insulation to the roof boards, fit facia boards and eaves edging boards so that they are flush with the insulation and then fit shingles as they would normally be fitted. Each shingle will have a number of nails in it all of which go through the insulation and into the roof board below. (NORLAND CABINS:  The shed felt supplied will be fitted so that it covers the leading edges of the insulation and thereby hides the insulation)

Simply Log Cabins Comment:

Roof Insulation is a good option on any cabin that is to be used throughout the year and especially if the cabin has wall boards of 44mm and thicker and / or is double glazed. Roof Insulation helps to hold temperature more stable both is Summer (Reducing heat transfer from sunlight on the felt shingles into the building) and in Winter helping to contain heat in the building. On the whole if a cabin is used only as a summer house or occasionally roof insulation has a lesser value.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Only suitable for use with Shed Felt and / or Felt Shingles.
  • Note: As the Insulation is fitted to the outside of the roof boards - the building roof and therefore roof ridge will be raised by approximately 50mm.
£1,969.00 (FREE UK Delivery *)
Deposit: £100.00
RRP: £2,099.00 | You Save: £130
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Norland Newark 1 Log Cabin

  • Footprint: 3.9m x 2.5m
  • Wall Logs: 34mm Thick
  • Side Wall Height: 2.11m
  • Ridge Height: 2.34m
  • Floor Boards: 18mm Tongue and Grooved Boards
  • Roof Boards: 18mm Tongue and Grooved Boards
  • Front Canopy: 50cm (Roof Area 4.3m x 3.2m)
  • Pressure Treated Base Beams and Floor Bearers
  • 1 x Double Door
  • 1 x Single Windows (Inward Opening Window)
  • 1 x Fixed Window
  • All Glass is Double Glazed
  • Easy Assembly Interlocking Log Style Construction
  • Delivered with Fixings and Full Assembly Instructions

Norland Newark 1 Log Cabin: The Norland Newark 1 log cabin is the smaller version of the Norland Newark. This model has a footprint of 3.9m x 2.5m which would make a perfect garden office or room away from the house to relax and unwind. The log cabin features a double door in the centre which is fully glazed and a window at either side of the door which are both full length to allow in the maximum amount of natural light possible. This log house comes with 34mm wall logs and is double glazed so with only a minimal heat source could be used all year round so that no matter what the weather you can still get enjoyment of being away from the house in the comfort of your wooden garden room. This building includes full assembly instructions and plans to ensure that it is a straightforward self-assembly proposition should you wish to construct the building yourself. The construction is traditional interlocking wall logs which creates an attractive appearance and requires no nails or screws when assembling the walls. This building has a low ridge height that is under 2.5m yet there is still plenty of room to move around inside as the wall height is 2.1m

Norland Newark 1 Log Cabin

  • Footprint: 3.9m x 2.5m
  • Wall Logs: 34mm Thick
  • Side Wall Height: 2.11m
  • Ridge Height: 2.34m
  • Front Canopy: 50cm (Roof Area 4.3m x 3.2m)
  • 18mm Floor and Roof Boards
  • Pressure Treated Base Beams and Floor Bearers
  • 1 x Double Door
  • 1 x Single Windows (Inward Opening Window)
  • 1 x Fixed Window
  • Delivered in 1 Large Package: 440cm x 118cm x 65cm
  • Off-loaded from the truck with an On-board Piggy-Back Forklift
  • All Cabins are delivered in Kit form and Untreated *(Except where stated)


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