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High quality and attractive garden building kits for sale offer an ideal extra living space to your home when built in your garden. We specialise in sourcing the very best quality and value for money products that will suit almost every purpose. From Home Offices, Home Gymnasiums, Hobby Rooms, Workshops, Garages, Luxury Studio's and many other styles to simple summer houses and other leisure buildings our range is simply without parallel.
Our highly versatile and attractive range of structures are offered for sale at the very best value for money possible.  Gudrum Classics Ltd own and operate this web site, are one of the largest importers and distributors in the UK.  With our very broad knowledge of the subject of garden buildings generally, our massive range of supply side contacts throughout Europe and Russia coupled with our buying power and our teams friendly and helpful attitude to customers means that we will create your experience of making what is a significant purchase on the internet into as worry free, pleasant and enjoyable experience as possible.
For any information please feel completely at ease to contact us at any time. Our phones are answered 8-00am - 8-30pm, 7 days per week.
We are always very pleased to offer useful and practical advice on the whole process from start to finish from choosing the right log cabin kit for your garden and your purpose, type of roofing and discuss insulation requirements (many products have comprehensive details as links to the product page regarding roof insulation, roof shingles and other accessories), base preparation and requirements around that, through to assembling your new purchase in your garden, whether you choose to assemble yourself, which many customers find to be an interesting and rewarding challenge, or if you prefer to have it assembled we would refer you to independent, very experienced assembling teams. We carry a large range of stock items in our Warehouse in Northampton and can often deliver within 7 days. For more information on this and any other questions that you may have please call:   0845 258 1900 .
MADE TO MEASURE SERVICE AVAILABLE: Please e. mail to info(at)gudrum.com or Phone: 0845 258 1900. _____________   Gudrum Log Cabins are our best selling range of Log Cabins. This is a high quality range of cabins with the following features: Pressure Treated Base Beams - Every part of the log cabin that is in direct contact with the ground is pressure treated (For the Veneto, Gudrum Eco Log Cabins and some Gudrum WW Log Cabins - the floor is optional.  The base beam is supplied as part of the floor kit.  The floor kit should be opened first, base beams laid out and the cabin is then assembled onto the base beams.  Where the floor kit is not chosen - base beams are not supplied)  Base Beams are supplied with Gudrum Garages. Manufactured from high quality slow grown North Eastern European and Russian Spruce. This is an extremely good quality timber that can be manufactured to fine tolerances and thereby giving very well sealed chalet log style corner joints that fit together firmly and create a very sturdy, weather proofed finished building. Gudrum Log Cabins are built in 28mm, 34mm, 44mm and 70mm timber and, where stated, feature double glazing fitted in **laminated wooden door frames. Many of the windows, both double and single glazed, are operated by a tilt and turn mechanism, this means that the window can be hinged at the side and open in the same way as a door or in the other setting, hinged at the bottom so that the top of the window leans inwards.  There are also cabins that feature windows that pen outwards. The glazing in the 28mm and 34mm cabins is proper glass again, in many cases, featuring the tilt and turn mechanism            **Laminated means that the door frames are made from Laminated Wood.  This is a process that is very much considered to be a mark of quality.  The frames are made from smaller pieces of wood which are set with the grain of each piece being adverse to the grain of its neighbours then laminated together using a very high pressure process along with a laminating adhesive.  This stabilizes the wood in such a way that it almost eliminates expansion and contraction to avoid the situation of doors that start to stick in the frames when the weather turns wet. Roofing material is optional. Either choose the heavy duty mineral felt. This provides an adequate and durable roof covering that will last for many years. Or the other and by far the most popular option is that we are able to offer heavy duty bitumen felt shingles in green and black. Felt shingles give a very attractive and very durable finish to the roof with a styling similar to a slate roof finish. For pricing information – please see the product page. Felt shingles are fitted on top of the shed and because felt shingles effectively overlap each other by 50% this means that the cabin has a triple skin roof finish if this option is chosen.  The roof structure on Gudrum Cabins is always VERY sturdy - many cabin sin this range have a Snow Loading Capacity well in excess of 100kg per square metre. Insulated Log Cabin : We are able to offer roof insulation for Gudrum Log Cabins. If your Log Cabin is likely to be used as an extension to the living area i.e. as a garden office, children's play room or games room etc. then roof and floor insulation does have a clear benefit in terms of creating a more stable and regular temperature inside the cabin and minimizing exposure to extremes of weather, both hot and cold, when inside the cabin. Floors: Included unless stated otherwise Delivery: Many cabins in this range can be delivered within 7 working days Click to see Gudrum Log Cabins Simply Log Cabins Comment:
Quality: Excellent.
Value For Money : Very Good.
Delivery Service: Excellent