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Shepherds Huts

Shepherds Huts

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  1. Shepherds Hut Modern
    Shepherds Hut Modern
    2.4m x 4.8m | 19mm Walls | Double Glazing

    Was £4,192.00 From £4,149.00

    Was £7,024.00 To £6,716.00

    RRP £5,899.00 Save £1,750.00
  2. Shepherds Hut Traditional
    Shepherds Hut Traditional
    2.4m x 4.8m | 19mm Walls | Sectional Construction

    Was £5,613.00 From £5,299.00

    Was £7,389.00 To £7,330.00

    RRP £7,119.00 Save £1,820.00
  3. Manchester
    Bertsch Holzbau
    2.5m x 5.5m | 28mm Walls | Double Glazed

    From £4,728.00

    To £5,173.50

    RRP £4,945.00 Save £217.00
  4. Shepherds Hut Modern: Small
    Shepherds Hut Modern: Small
    2.4m x 3.6m | 19mm Walls | Double Glazing

    Was £3,816.00 From £3,649.00

    Was £6,236.00 To £6,073.00

    RRP £6,999.00 Save £3,350.00
  5. Carry Shepherds Hut Playhouse 6 x 8
    Carry Shepherds Hut Playhouse 6 x 8
    Pre-assembled Panels | Accommodates 4 Kids
    RRP £899.99 Save £150.99
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Offering a selection of exterior design of shepherds huts for sale, our Shepherd's Huts seamlessly integrates into gardens, fields, and woodlands, presenting a unique and charming alternative to traditional garden structures. All models are easy self assembly and delivered with full assembly instructions which are also shown on the web site for most shepherds huts.

Within our Stjarna range, we feature three base models - the Stjarna Shepherds Hut Traditional, the Shepherds Hut Modern and the Shepherds Hut Modern Small.  Each completed structure has its own unique characteristics and also its own charm. Most customers fit their sheperds huts with hearers, electrics and intermet once they have assembled it in the garden.  Each one is then decorated by the customers to theur own individual tastes and requirements.

Versatile Uses Our range of shepherds huts serves a multitude of purposes, such as a Garden Room, Art Studio, Summer House, Home Office Space, Children's Playroom, Fishing Hut, Glamping Hut, Physio Hut, additional accommodation, or even as a full-fledged living space with our largest model, among other possibilities. The versatility of our huts knows no bounds, and we welcome conversations about customers' unique requirements.