Log Cabins for Sale

High quality and attractive garden building kits for sale offer an ideal extra living space to your home when built in your garden. We specialize in sourcing the very best quality and value for money products that will suit almost every purpose. From Home Offices, Home Gymnasiums, Hobby Rooms, Workshops, Garages, Luxury Studios and many other styles to simple summer houses and other leisure buildings our range is simply without parallel.
Our highly versatile and attractive range of structures are offered for sale at the very best value for money possible.  Gudrum Classics Ltd own and operate this web site, are one of the largest importers and distributors in the UK.  With our very broad knowledge of the subject of garden buildings generally, our massive range of supply side contacts throughout Europe and further afield coupled with our buying power and our teams friendly, knowledgeable and helpful attitude to customers means that we will create your experience of making what is a significant purchase on the Internet into as worry free, pleasant and enjoyable experience as possible.
For any information please feel completely at ease to contact us at any time. Our phones are answered 8-00am - 8-30pm, 7 days per week.
We carry a large range of stock items in our Warehouse in Northampton and can often deliver within 7 days. For more information on this and any other questions that you may have please call:   01636 858290  MADE TO MEASURE LOG CABINS SERVICE AVAILABLE: Please e. mail to info(at)gudrum.com above number.  Simply Log Cabins have been a major importer and distributor of log cabins for many years.  We prefer to import cabins from the Colder Climes of Eastern Europe where the quality of timber is much better than that grown in Western Europe.  The timber that is most widely used in the production of cabins is North European Spruce.  This is a timber that responds very well to cold weather.  When grown in the cold of North Eastern Europe, Northern Scandinavia and especially in Russia where the summers are short and the winters long and very cold, the annual growth is small therefore the growth rings are close together which produces a very dense, long lasting timber that responds very well with timber treatments.