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Roofing Material Options

Our Roofing Materila Options include:

Shed Felt

Shed felt is very widely used as a budget roofing material of choice for garden buildings.  It is usually made using a fine plastic gauze which is then immersed and impregnated with Bitumen and sinally a sandy, "weathering" layer is added to the outer surface.

Shed felt is supplied with most garden sheds (please see individual pages for details).  Many cabins feature shed felt as an option.  Generally Shed felt offers a good weather-proofing material with a life expectancy usually (Not Guaranteed) of around 5-10 years in normal use.

 Felt Shingles:

Fitting Ridge Shingles Video

Video Info

Fitting Information

Please note - the attached refers to using an underlay under Felt Shingles. In the UK Garden Building Industry it is not standard practice to use an underlay except for a very shallow sloping roof. Where it is appropriate we offer a shed felt underlay as part of the roof shingle package option.

We do point out that for customers who would prefer to fit an underlay - these are widely available and there is no reason why it should not be fitted however as fittng is not standard practice - we do supply underlay.

In our view on most roof situations where theer is a pitch of 15 degrees or more - shingles represent the best value and a very attractive roof finish. Whilst it is not the cheapest material - shed felt offers that, it is the most durable.  A reasonable life expectancy for well fitted bitumen felt roof shingles on a Log Cabin would be around 15-20 years.  To achieve that level of durability the same proviso's apply to the fitting of shingles as to the fitting of tiles on the roof of a house i.e. the shingles must be correctly and firmly fitted, once fitted avoid walking on them or distrubing them or damaging them in anyway and most especially dont allow chemicals onto the roof ie car cleaning chemicals regularly splashing on to the roof will significantly damage them.  Finally and rather obviously - dont allow tree branches to touch the roof or even be close to it when windy.

For our Gudrum and Norland range of Log Cabins the roof shingles are offered in two colours: Black and Green (Note these are not supplied with the 13mm Clout Nails that will be required to fit n to a roof or 50mm clout nails if fitted onto a roof insulation option.

Lugarde Cabins are available with: Black, Green, Red, Blue or Brown

Bertsch Holzbau Cabins: Black, Green or Red


EPDM Single Sheet Rubberised Roofing Material:

for Flat and very shallow sloping roof structures

Fitting Ridge Shingles Video

EPDM is very widely used world-wide for flat and shallow sloping roof applications.  It is used in large scale commercial and residential applications as well as for garden buildings and rally almost any situation where a very durable and long-lasting roofing material is required on a flat roof or roof with a slope of less than approximately 10 degrees.

It is easy to fit as the above video demonstrates.  Please note - the above video shows it being fitted with an adhesive, we have suppliers whom may choose to supply an adhesive or may supply a rsin type fixing agent.  This would usually be supplied in tubes and will need applying as per instructions.

Supplied without Roofing material for customers to fit their own roofing

Where a log cabins or other garden building is offered with roofing materials as an option then that building as standard is supplied without any water-proofing material for the roof , unless stated otherwise in the product text on the page where that specific building is detailed. 

The reason that we supply buildings without roofinga materials is that we have many customers whom choose to fit their own roofing material as, for various reasons, ours may not be suitable.  Those reasons would include: Customers choosing to match surroundling roof area's either in material or colour, customers choosing to fit metal or other roofingmaterials especially in area's of very extreme weather ie Highland of Scotland etc where the winds can mean that only very specific roofing is suitable, customers have access to a material that they simply prefer to use.  Really there are many reasons why customers would choose to source their own roofing material and we are very happy to supply buildings with roofing material for any reason.

Please note:  As standard most Log Cabins are not designed for heavy roofing materials such as Clay Roof Tiles, Welsh Slate etc.  Many can be upgraded to support that type of roofing (but not all).  Please contact us at Simply Log Cabins for more information.