Price Match

Simply Log cabins are one of the largest, and most successful, Internet Retailer suppliers of many leading brands of Garden Products.  We base our business on offering the Best Possible Customer Service coupled with very competitive prices. We spend many hours checking our competitors to ensure that we retain our market leading position in terms of pricing.

We assure you that if you find, and can show to us the same product on a competitor website at a lower price in the UK we will try our best to match that price

Our ranges can be summarised as follows:

Gudrum Log Cabins:  This is our main range and one of our own brands.  These cabins are produced for us in Estonia using a very slowly grown North European Spruce timber that, on the whole, is source in Russia.  The timber is extremely good quality and, owing to it's slow growth, the annual growth rings are very close meaning that the timber density or Cube Weight is very high.  The result of this is that the surfaces machine very well and corner joints can be cut to very fine tolerances thus ensuring a weather proof joint.

These cabins come into our Northampton warehouse in full articulated lorry loads.  The loads come in usually between 1 and 3 per week.  This means that we can be very responsive should we receive an order for a cabin that is not in stock.  It goes onto the next truck and will arrive quickly (transport time from the factory is about 1 week - subject to loading space and Eastern European Weather Conditions - especially in winter).

Owing to the volume that we supply of this range of cabins we are able to offer EXTREMELY competitive pricing.  If you see a like for like cabin cheaper anywhere, please let us know and we will always try to ensure that, not only do we beat the price, we also give a little bonus for your kindness in ordering with us and informing us.

Bertsch Holzbau:  The Bertsch range is made to order.  Effectively every building in the Bertsch range is bespoke and therefore can be designed to your own requirements.  As with any bespoke items, there is always a premium to be paid over standard, mass produced buildings, however that premium includes the finest attention to detail on your cabins.  Bertsch are a very responsible manufacturer in the sense that they simply will not quote on a building that they deem to be unstable or at any risk, for example, of the roof sagging etc.  Quality of Windows and Doors in the Bertsch range is extremely good and the timber is also good quality.

We are one of Bertsch's main UK distributors and should be able to offer you the most competitive price that you will get.  If you do get a price on a Bertsch building below the price that we offer - please let us know and you can be very sure that we will always try to beat that price.

Lugarde: We have been supplying Lugarde buildings since 2003.  Lugarde is a Dutch business owned by a family who are absolutely dedicated to producing simple, luxurious garden buildings.  Their octagonal and corner summerhouse range is quite simply beautiful.  Like Bertsch, every building in the Lugarde range is made to order and consequently there are many features of the log cabins and summer houses that can be altered to your own design.

As a major supplier of Lugarde Buildings, we would very much want to be offering you the best price that you can find.  If you are offered a Lugarde building at a price below the price that we are offering, please let us know and not only will we will try to beat that price but we will also give a little price bonus when you place your order as a thanks for the information.

Norland: Norland is another of our own brands.  Most of the range of Norland Log Cabins is nmade here in the UK at a state of the art factory in East Anglia.  Much of this range is produced exclusively for us however some of it is also avaialable through other outlets.  If you do find a Norland Cabin under any other brand cheaper elsewhere - please let us know and we will do our utmost to beat the price and, if possible, to allowa small additional discount as reward for your kindness in letting us know the information.


Other Brands on the Web Site include:

  • Rowlinson
  • Forest Garden
  • Palram
  • Shire
  • Weekend*
  • Whitewood*
  • Gudrum Eco*
  • George

*These are all pat of the Gudrum range

and more.

If you find any products in any of the above brands cheaper elsewhere - please let us know and you can be assured that we will try to offer you an even better and more competitive price.