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Supplier Information

Supplier Information

Interested in becoming a supplier?  By developing the right partners on-line the internet has created a massive opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers to drive additional growth and reach a new and growing set of customers. Gudrum Classics Ltd group of web sites and has been trading for over 10 years and now has 3 trading websites,,, &  During that time we have developed many mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers which have resulted in our suppliers generating very significant revenue streams and us being able to offer our customers excellent product ranges coupled with great service and value. 

For non – UK suppliers we are able to offer a warehousing and distribution service that can be supplied either only to our retail channels or to other retail customers as well through our warehouse facilities in Lincoln and Peterborough. Fundamental and crucial to us is fostering the best possible supply side relationships and becoming our suppliers key internet outlet.

Commitment to Growth: Our goal is quite simple; to rapidly grow volumes and revenues and become the top online partner for each of our suppliers.  Our category teams' significant product experience and expertise combined with our on-going investment in online,  email and traditional marketing, ensures maximum impact as we launch new suppliers' products.

Brand Management and Channel Integrity:   Gudrum Classics Ltd is absolutely committed to helping its suppliers' brands flourish online. We collaborate with our suppliers to tell their products' stories the way they want them told.  We are well aware that many customers seek to research products on-line and therefore realise the importance to our suppliers of creating a coherent message consistent with the suppliers own approach. 

Flexibility, Ease and Speed:  Each of our suppliers works closely with a Gudrum category team that is highly proficient at taking the supplier through the process of:

(1) Establishing the Relationship to the point of ensuring first orders come through quickly and to the right place,

(2) Support in Effectively Presenting  Products and Brands in a way that will generate significant returns whilst being consistent with the suppliers general requirements in term of market positioning etc.

 (4) Providing Excellent Supply Side Service:  We understand that every supplier may have unique needs in areas of logistics, order flow, payments, returns, etc. and we try to tune our approach to match our suppliers' needs to make the entire process as smooth and seamless as possible.  We recognise that we are a key channel from our suppliers factory / warehouse to the end user customer and wish to develop that into quickly becoming the key, and frequently, the only on-line retail channel.

If you are interested in becoming a supplier to one of the UK’s fastest growing on-line retail channel please e-mail details to: